Verse 1

Years ago
We retrieved a signal from deep space
From origins we could not trace
An encrypted message it held
Scientist studied and were compelled

Verse 2
To discover blueprints to a ship
And half a message on what to do with it
The rest of the encryption was indecipherable
Left with no choice to venture to a world unknown
For theres no time to second guess ourselves
Our worlds dying and theres no hope of saving this world

Time is not on our side
We must have faith and confide
In the origins of this message
Please let this be the answer our planet has been searching for
If its not I fear the worst
the heat is rising and the planets about to burst
Humanity has precious little time before our nation goes to war

Verse 3
Left with no choice
we have to do whats best
for the human race

Verse 4
we must further our existence and touch base
with intelligent life that can better embrace
our culture our desires and all that we are
to protect our little rock from a fading star



our enemies are not far (far) from home
they brought us here to leave us stranded and alone
We landed next to a mountain of bones
We journey deep down within the catacombs
to discover this civilization unknown
ambush and dethrone
the prophecy has shown