The Art of Deception is a band from Central PA. Combining the varied artistic styles of its members, The Art of Deception brings a unique sound that utilizes the best elements from many genres of heavy music. While still young and relatively unknown, The Art of Deception has accomplished a lot in a short time. They have shared the stage with these notable acts: Upon a Burning Body, Carnifex, Dance Gavin Dance, Whitechapel, A Skylit Drive, iwrestleabearonce, Within The Ruins (x2), Oceano, ERRA, Polyphia, It Lives, It Breathes, Lorna Shore, and The Last Ten Seconds of Life. In August of 2015, The Art of Deception played The All Stars Tour w/ Upon A Burning Body, Dance Gavin Dance, and A Skylit Drive at Reverb in Reading, PA. In October they opened for The Last Ten Seconds of Life on the "2015 Decade of Despair Tour" w/ Carnifex, Within The Ruins, and Lorna Shore. The Art of Deception has a singular goal in mind- to make and share the music they love with the world.


Upon A Burning Body, Carniex, Dance Gave Dance, Whitechapel, A Skylit Drive, iwrestledabearonce, Within The Ruins (x2), Oceao, Psycroptic, ERRA, Polyphia, It Lives, It Breathes Lorna Shore, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Invent, Animate, The Afterimage, Sleepwave, Culture Killer, Chasing Safety, He Is Legend, Dayshell, Come The Dawn, Conquer Divide, Another Vendetta, In Dying Arms, The Artisan, Footage Of a Yeti, Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost (Jesse of Zao), No Saints Here, Authors of The Tragedy, The Blessing of This Curse, As Seasons Fase, Aurora's Demise, Quarterfront, Cedar Green, A Wish In A Well, Fragments of Existence, Let the River Swell, Tomorrow, Dies Today, Listen For The Light, Lost Haven, Under The Red Hood, Encoder, No Reason, Suburban Murder, Sunset Hollow, Trails, Within A Difference, Silent on Fifth Street (x2), BURN IT TO THE GROUND, Buried in the Walls, Rising Wihtout Limits, No Saints Here, Rise My King, Enemy Within, Phantoms, From Lambs To Lions, Northern Downpour, Aim 4 Grey, Within The Outbreak (x2), I Hate Heros, Chasing Morgan, Sincerely Yours, Across Frozen Seas, The Ongoing Concept, Dayseeker, Outlands, Goodnight Hindsight, Eye 4 An Eye, Divergent, Earth//Bound, Time Keeper, Cortana, The Prospectors, Jaw Horse, The Unfortunates, Beer and Pretzels, Ervasa, Infinity, Strength In Allies, Young At Heart, Memoria