They turned our world into a infernal wasteland
Oh my god what they have done
They obliterated everything and everyone
Killing people in the cruelest ways
By dousing fuel all over them and then setting them ablaze
Stapping them down to a wooden chair
Pouring water down their throat till they drown in their own despair

I see the fear in their eyes and their çhances of survival slipping away
by the second there is no time to second guess yourself
Wake up
There's limited time before they come back
Let's go
Before they come back to dismember you
I must be insane for trying to help these people
Who have half a brain to leave them would be inhuman

Adrenaline is kicking in
my heart is racing and I cant begin
to breathe from how surreal this feels to me
I can sense their presence around us
dying with others i can barely trust with my life
I pray we make it out alive

They have taken hold of me tied me down till i cant breathe
I’ve lost my vision what have they all done to me
Grinding my nail into this wood as i’m force-fed sublimation messages of how this world is going to fucking burn

The fear is starting to creep in and i cant tell if my mind is playing tricks on me or if this is really what I truly see right in front of me
The mutilation of others, the destruction of our cities, killing everyone with no remorse accepting no pity
I’m forced to watch everyone I love die in vain
I can not stomach this misery and fucking pain
Why have you chosen to destroy all life with no remorse

I've lost all hope that ill live another day
I've lost all hope that ill save my family