Emerging from the dense trees of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania is The Art of Deception, made of five friends fated for a life of metal music. Building a local Pennsylvania fan base starting in the summer of 2015 with their self-titled debut EP, by October of 2016 the band began writing new music for what became their second EP Searching for an Escape. The five song EP was recorded at Atrium Audio and featured tracks “Family Portrait” and “Prophecy”, which launched the band into their first official tour supporting trap-rock Era9 along the east coast and began their climb into the band you see before you.

After experiencing normal band growing pains and a changing, line-up, The Art of Deception spent 2017 and 2018 writing new music, solidifying their goals and building a brand to present their talent to the world. Driven by natural desire to create powerful heavy music, vocalist Nolan Mateer, bassist Jared Moser, drummer Travis Stine, and guitarists Brett Anspach and Casey Rybak refuse to give up. Of the three newest singles “Take Me Back (Rewind), “Signals” and latest release “Infernal Wasteland”, the latter is their heaviest song yet and narrates the end of humanity. “Infernal Wasteland”, featured on Metal Addicts and Alternative Press, features unholy growls and haunting guitar chuggs that push The Art of Deception into a new atmosphere of rock. For fans of August Burns Red and Whitechapel, The Art of Deception plans to release even more new music throughout 2019 by kicking down genre doors and bending them to their liking. When you hear “Infernal Wasteland” you will instantly understand The Art of Deception’s destiny: your new favorite metalcore band.

Their next single “Destroy Consume Rebuild” is set to release 9.20.19 on all major platforms!


The Art of Deception was formed with the goal in mind to make and share the music we love with the world.