Formed in 2015, Nolan Mateer (vocalist) and Dave Boedker (guitarist) have known each other since childhood, and had been in several bands together throughout their youth. After high school, Nolan continued on with his music career while Dave's began to stagnate. After multiple failed projects, Nolan found himself in Ohio without a ride and needing to get home, so Dave went to pick him up. During the long drive from Ohio back to our hometown of Danville, Dave and Nolan came up with the idea of starting their own band.  On one fateful day, Nolan was in the local beer distributor picking up a case of beer. He noticed the cashier had on a Mapex t-shirt, and one of Nolan's good friends owned a Mapex kit, so conversation began. As it turned out, Travis was indeed a great drummer, and they all met up to work on material. The search continued for more members and through a mutual friend the band was introduced to Jared. At the time of their meeting, Jared was finishing up college, and since his graduation he has become a full-time musician. Shortly after a couple of practices and jam sessions, the band began writing and recording their self-titled debut EP. The six song EP was released in the summer of 2015, featuring "Tread Lightly" and "Save Yourself". Throughout the remainder of 2015 and 2016, the band continued to play shows weekly, building a fan base throughout Pennsylvania. In October 2016, guitarist Tyler Kemper joined the band as they began writing new music.  This collection of songs would become a part of their sophomore EP "Searching for an Escape". This five song EP was recorded at Atrium Audio and featured "Family Portrait", "Obscurities", and "Prophecy".  Shortly after the EP's release, the band went on their first official tour in support of Era9, a trap-rock band out of Montreal.  The band played on their first leg of the tour along the east coast.  Shortly after the tour, The Art of Deception experienced some obstacles throughout the remainder of 2017.  Tyler decided to leave the band due to both personal and family matters that required his focus and attention.  His departure from the band was shortly followed by Dave's, expressed his desire to finish school.  Left without two guitarists, the remaining members continued to write new music while seeking new members.  After multiple auditions and inquiries, the band officially welcomed Casey Rybak and Brett Anspach to the family.  Since their addition, the band has continued to write new music for 2018.  The band has released 2 singles "Take me Back (Rewind)" and "Signals". Their next show is set 8.19.18 with rumors of new music to come out in the fall/winter. Head over to the store to grab a ticket for their show and see their merch bundles they are running for summer exclusively.           


The Art of Deception was formed with the goal in mind to make and share the music we love with the world.